Saturday, November 22, 2014

No Signboard Seafood, since 1981

Sri Lanka Crab, White Pepper ($70++/kg; approx. $80++)

No Signboard Seafood is a place for crab-eaters with fat wallets - Sri Lanka crab is their cheapest offering at seasonal price while the Australia Snow crab ($130/kg), Tasmania King Crab and Alaska King Crab goes up to $180/kg!

The must try would be their much celebrated white pepper recipe - crab stir-fried in thick white pepper sauce and generously garnished with stalks of spring onion. It is not bad indeed; the same could be said about their chili crab too, delectable sauce.

That being said, standard cooking recipe of a mud crab doesn't warrant a visit to an expensive restaurant to savor the freshness of the seafood. It is something you would better enjoy in a laid back setting; eating with bare hands.

Sri Lanka Crab, Chili ($70++/kg; approx. $80++) with mini fried buns ($0.50 each)

Sri Lanka Crab, Butter ($70++/kg; approx. $80++)

Notwithstanding, No Signboard could certainly boost of having a group of accomplished chefs behind them; capable of churning out several delectable dishes, other than just crabs - meaty prawns in herbal claypot; nicely charred Soon Hock fish and sauteed chicken which we mistake for richer pork ribs.

It is a pleasant surprise that No Signboard is serious of being an all-rounder.

Drunken Prawns ($48++)
Hong Kong Style Steamed Soon Hock/ Marble Goby fish ($70++/ kg; $80++)

Saute Chicken with Superior Honey Sauce ($20++)

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