Sunday, July 26, 2015

美美, Mei Mei Satay at Haig Rd!

Pork, Chicken, Mutton Satay ($0.50 per stick), Ketupat ($0.60)

This is honestly our best taste of satay for a long time. The meat was thickly cut, made for very satisfying chew. It was like a bite into a succulent piece of steak, seasoned with spices. And having pineapple puree for our satay sauce is quite a perk these days.

Business is brisk at Mei Mei Satay in the Haig Road Market & Food Centre. We just managed to get their last piece of rice dumpling, with the mutton satay being sold out. But we'll definitely be returning to do a pack away for the family soon!

This is our dinner tonight, with a good Indian Rojak from the stall just behind. Go find it.

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Beary said...

The good and affordable satay has just increased to 60 cents per stick. Fyi only.