Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sunnyhills Pineapple Cakes

凤梨酥, Pineapple Cakes (Box of 10, NT$ 350 = S$14.46)

Received a souvenir from Taiwan, of Mung Bean cake (with red bean) from Vigor and Pineapple cakes from Sunnyhills. Decided to blog about the latter cos that's the one that made me want a third; 2 is not yet enough.

We love the packaging of Sunny in steady cardboard, paper wraps and canvas tote bags for carrier - modern and eco-friendly.

I like Vigor's Pineapples cakes previously, now the ones from Sunny overtook them. These from Sunny tasted sweeter than Vigor's, but it isn't cloying. And i could actually extract a full piece of toasted pineapple fiber easily from the beefy 50g piece.

Fresh from Taiwan, the baked pastry has an amazing toasty finish that was missing from those at the Singapore retail in Raffles Hotel.

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