Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fortunella - gave me my first wine allergy.

Fortunella Premium Sweet Red, 750ml ($11.80 Promotion)

After savoring the sweet red from Brown Brothers, i was keen to explore more of such sparkling red wine. The NTUC supermart happened to have a promotion for Fortunella of South Australia; it was cheap and so we decide to try.

Serving it chilled does not improve the taste of the bottle. We were disappointed with its bland sweet alcoholic tang. There was just a weak hint of vine grapes and the bottle gave us drying throat.

Being one who never had skin, food or medical allergy of any sorts, i was shocked that the drink tonight developed into skin irritations (Hives) on both my arms by the following day. My skin itches with claw marks and got bumpy after scratching it! What ugly arms! I was really shocked.

What saves? The Axe Brand Universal Oil.
It eases the itch immediately. And after just 3 applications, the allergy cleared.

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