Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Freshness Latest Burger

Iced Earl Grey ($2.50), Iced Genmai - Green Tea with Malt ($2)

My heart leaps at the thought of lunching at Freshness with Ric. It serves quality food in a most complacent environment; feels good.

Drinks came first while our burgers were being prepared. And while there's nothing special about Green Tea with Malt; it tasted simply of green tea, the Earl Grey was fragrant as Dilmah Elegant Earl Grey. Both healthily sugarless.

Cordon Bleu Chicken Burger + Jumbo Stuffed Cheese Beef Burger

Freshness latest burger were good. The Cordon Bleu Chicken was juicy. Crisp and hot from the fryer, it melted the Hokkaido cream cheese immediately!

We had bigger expectation for the beef burger but it looked vastly different from the Groupon promotional poster. No cream cheese, no thick beef slab. Just 2 thin beef patties.

Should we complain? But the burger actually tasted good; Freshness managed to prepare the patties with middle-rare tenderness - see the pinkish half-cooked meat. But maybe, it could have been even better?

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