Sunday, October 11, 2009

天佳福,Tian Jia Fu Xiao Shi

Had originally planned our birthday celebration at the LittleBali, a Balinese Garden Chill-Out Restaurant and Bar but changed my mind as i wanted Mom and Dad to share our enjoyment too.

Dad is an introvert; getting him to dine out is a problem, he had much preferred not going through the hassle.

So "If the mountain won't come to Mohammad, Mohammad must go to the mountain." In his case, we bring him the mountain. Haha... We go buy some Chinese Cze Char home.

Black Pepper Crab ($28/per Kg)

Paying just $21 for this craby, it was tastefully sauced and especially fresh and full of juicy roe. You love roe? I don't.

Yam Basket ($12), on 1 day promotion.

Luscious Yam paste cast in thinly floured batter. An all time favourite of mine & Mom.

Sambal Oyster Egg ($8)

Oh, and the Oysters are big, fresh and juicy! Oomph!

The best thing we love about this Cze Char stall is their lighter hand on flavorings used, MSG too. A meal that's comforting without MSG dehydrating aftermeal effect.

Coffeeshop Cze Char: Bukit Batok St. 21, Blk 217 (opp ITE West College)

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