Friday, October 2, 2009

Mr Curry (Waraku)

We were here today to give our 1st try to Japanese Curry Don and to utilise our dining vouchers accumulated from Waraku's last month's promotion.

To start with, the mood and decor at Mr Curry, Central Mall was cheery, pleasant and bright.

A. Katsu Pork Cutlet Curry Rice ($9.80++, Set Lunch A+B)

Having a choice over their 4 selections of Curry - Original Sauce (Chicken & Fish based), White Sauce (Cream Milk based), Red Sauce (Tomato based) and Black Sauce (Squid based), with 3 level of spiciness.

Ric had the Original Curry Sauce of mid spiced level; it tastes sweet actually.

B. Scallop Butter

And this is delicious!
When did Scallop cost as little as to being part of a Set Lunch?

A. Deep Fried Salmon & Cheese Curry Rice ($9.80++, Set Lunch A+B)

My choice of savory Squid based Curry compliments the Salmon really well.

Melted Cheese oozes with each bite from the fried Salmon fillet, it tastes good even on its own!

B. Seafood Curry Nan

Do not belittle this petite Pizza-alike Nan. Taken solo, it actually is a flavorsome piece of flour cake.

Fresh Seafood toppings add to your enjoyment, and if you like, take it for a swim in your Curry sauce :)

Bacon with Asparagus ($4.80++)

Ric was keen on this Yakitori entry but i do find it a tad fatty.

Yes, am weight conscious recently.
Been having too much Mooncakes :)

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