Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vodka, for throat warming?

I read, "Alcohol had long been used as a basis for medicines..."

"Vodka has been produced since the early Middle Ages. And in these early days, the spirits were used mostly as medicines."

No wonder, we do feel better after our consumption of Vodka this evening? It actually acts as a 'warmer' for our respiratory infections, Flu.

1 part Prune Juice
1 part Absolut Vanilia Vodka

Among grain Vodkas, rye and wheat vodkas are generally considered superior, such as the Absolut Vanilia we having today - bottled in an eighteenth-century inspired Swedish medicine bottle :)

And Vodka surprises me with its mild after-effects of consumption - it could be considered among the 'safer' spirits.

Cheers to good health.

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