Saturday, October 24, 2009


I had really loved to try my hands on Baked Spaghetti after having it at Xin Wang Cafe.

But read this recipe of Not-Your-Grannys-Mac-Cheese and decide to cook it as it should be a less 'heaty' alternative to baking (we are just recovering from Flu, Cough).

I prepared a simpler substitute recipe to the original, omitting the Onions and Chili Pepper, lesser Cheese and replacing heavy Cream with Full Cream Milk.

Having loads of minced Garlic and Basil leaves instead. Luckily, it doesn't turn out bad. Still edible :)

Seems to becoming 'Auntie' these days, trying my hands on simple dishes i love rather than sourcing them out outside.

It's both on economical sense and self-satisfaction. And i do now feel that learning to cook is part of taking up the responsibilities of growing up. Should have started earlier...

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