Thursday, October 29, 2009

Haagen Dazs - Birthday Treats

CK.Tang CITIBank Card was nice to offer a list of Birthday treats which includes indulgence in 2 Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Creations for the price of 1!

I, for one, cannot resist this.

Brownie Explosion ($18.90++)"A decadent Chocolate brownie, served with scoops of Chocolate Midnight Cookies and Cookies & Cream (we replaces it with Mango & Passion Fruit) ice cream, draped in indulgent chocolate sauce."

Belgian Waffle Dream ($18.90++)"A scoop of Vanilla and a scoop of Coffee, a warm Belgian Waffle, maple syrup and freshly whipped cream."

The warm cold sensation in desserts never fails to please! Warm Brownie and Belgian Waffles with cold creamy ice cream... it makes all worth it... i don't mind falling ill again for this...

Ultra creaminess and 'melt in the mouth' moments; if only they don't melt out so fast... What a lot of fresh cream intake today :) In the company of Mom & Ric - pure Bliss.

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