Monday, October 12, 2009

Waraku Birthday Lunch

Do you spend your Birthday with Mom?
Try doing that, you wouldn't regret.
This little thought of yours should makes her glow :)

I'm having mine with Mum at Waraku Central today.

Clams Hot Pot in Clear Soup, Hotate Kaminade ($8.80++)

Mom loves soup.

Unagi Don (A+B Lunch Set, $9.80++)

Mom misses her Unagi Don with Wasabi.

Cream Udon with Mushroom, Kinoko ($8.80++)

Mom needs loads of Milk goodness...

Japanese Peach Ice-Cream ($8++)

Mom loves Ice-cream.
Recovering from her weakness, she really can eat these days; which is very good :)

Mom, remembering this day when i start bringing you joy and pain. Though i had my own life style and friends now, i shall never forget you.

Thank you for your graciousness to me, always.
I shall make more time for you.

Love you, Mom.
For always being here for me.

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