Monday, October 19, 2009

Fruits Rojak

"Do you see the Rojak Man, the Rojak Man, the Rojak Man..." Ha, how this rhymes to the original tune of Satay Man :)

The Rojak Man's stall behind Pelangi Plaza; outside of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Fruit Rojak (RM 3.50)

Brother suggested packing this back for us to try.

He boosts of its tasty Prawn Paste which he insisted i empty the whole pack into the Salad. And i think he's quite right :)

Fruits comprises of all our favourite Guava, Sour Mango, Pineapple, Jambu Air and Cucumber. Not forgetting the Fried dough Fritters, 油条!

Drizzled with the sweet, sour sauce made up of local Prawn Paste, Sugar and Lime; Rojak always poses an enticing appeal to us.

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