Saturday, September 19, 2015

王老五 Chicken King - Boiled Soup, Wanton Mee. $2 Chicken Rice?

Chicken Rice ($2)

We came back to Jalan Batu Food Centre for their Hong Kong styled Wanton noodles - nicely barbecued Char Siew, meaty dumplings in Wolfberries soup and savory seasoning sauce; quite a steal at just $3. Then we saw their $2 chicken rice.

How do you like it from the pictures here? It certainly tastes as good, and this is plenty of meat for $2! 

A large, colored notice by the side of the stall reads - 1st and 15th at 11am to 12pm of every month, there will be 150 FREE packets of Chicken Rice to the needy senior citizen customers. So this is also a stall with lot of hearts. Do come patronize them alright?

Wanton Mee ($3)

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