Thursday, September 17, 2009

Waraku @ The Central

For the 1st time in my knowing, Waraku is having a joint promotion with OCBC Cards to offer a week of 100% rebate off dining expenses in the form of Return Vouchers!

Promotion only at their 3 branches at The Central, namely Waraku Casual Dining, Pasta de Waraku and Mr Curry.

Such great offers was worth my spreading the word :)

Ebi Tempura ($15++)

Lunch Chawanmushi ($2++ each)

Lunch Uramaki ($6.80++)

We had bought Mom here specially to enjoy the promo, so all items ordered today are her personal favourite :)

Unagi Don Lunch set, with Udon bowl ($9.80++)

Katsu Don Lunch set, with Soba bowl ($9.80++)

The $9.80, A+B set lunches which includes a drink of your choice, were very well presented today. Especially the Don, was beautifully arranged and of generous helping.

Mom enjoys her Unagi Don :)

And more posts from Waraku as we come back to utilise our Rebate Vouchers! Get your vouchers now!

Promotion till this Sunday (20 Sep '09).

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