Wednesday, August 25, 2010

YOG Soccer: Singapore CUBS!

Of the many sports Singapore's athletes engage in the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG), i love most to watch our blooming boys from Singapore National Football Team of under 15 years old (U-15).

The most amazing things of watching the Singapore local team?

They are made up of Singaporean from different ethnic races! It's both fascinating and emotive to watch our Chinese, Malay, Indian, and even 1 Caucasian boy striving towards 1 common goal - to win pride for the country.

Their playing, working together and friendship shared exhibit true Singapore Spirit!

When they were defeated by crafty Haiti, we wept with the young hearts; when they bounce back from their semi-final disconcertment by blitzing Montenegro 4-1 to bag the bronze medal tonight, we rejoiced NOT for the medal but for these juniors who rekindled their spirits..!

FINALIZED YOG list of 18 Players - by Coach: Kadir Yahaya

Fashah Iskandar (Sports School)
Hamzah Fazil (Hong Kah Sec)

Syazwan Radhi (Sports School)
Jeffrey Lightfoot (captain) (Victoria School)
Illyas Lee (Sports School)
Dhukhilan Jeevamani (Punggol Sec)
Irfan Asyraf (Sports School)
Firdaus Sham (Hong Kah Sec)

Amirul Iskandar (Sports School)
Amirul Emmran (Hong Kah Sec)
Brandon Koh (Sports School)
Hanafi Akbar (Sports School)
Sunny Ng (St Gabriel’s Sec)
Jonathan Tan (Tanjong Katong Sec)
Bryan Neubronner (SJI International)

Syazwan Zin (Greenview Sec)
Muhaimin Suhaimi (Sports School)
Hazim Faiz (Sports School)

Players on standby:
Nursha’aban Razali (Fuchun Sec)
Azrin Hamdan (Victoria School)
Fatemy Firdouse (Sports School)
Osalli Rahim (Bedok View Sec)

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