Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blood Donation... we failed :(

Ric and i had first complete a 3 page full health history questionnaire, registration by NRIC and screening interview by the gentle doctor on duty who also checks our blood pressure, pulse and temperature.

Proceeding to the blood test counter, we both failed our blood test for Hemoglobin level! Having not donated blood since my virgin donation on 27 Aug 2006, i was desperate! The passing point was 12.5; i had a marginal 12.3 while Ric was real low at 11.5!?

Floron Iron Supplement Tablets

We were sent back to the doctor who advised us on Iron intake and subscribed us Iron Supplement pills. With that, we were denied of any Blood Donation :( 

Looking at the blood donors who were doing their parts, i envied their eligibility... So let's start take care of our Iron intake from here! Nxt time, i shall make it; i hope.

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