Tuesday, August 24, 2010

IKEA Food Promotions!

We marveled to see some newly lowered price listings at IKEA's restaurant, in particularly the refillable Coffee  that's been lowered from $1 to just $0.50 a cup! Sweet deal.

10 piece Swedish Meatball of Pork and Beef was at $4 only, every TUESDAY till 31 July 2011! You had paid $5.50 previously! No wonder we are seeing most healthy teenage boys doing a twosome!

Fried Chicken Wings ($2.80 for 2, or $7.50 for 6)

No special promotion for the popular IKEA chicken wings, but it being wonderfully seasoned and perfectly deep fried to a skinned-tight frame proved compelling to many patrons; with or without promotions! You see Chicken Wings on almost every table ;)

Recapturing Dark Soy Sauce seasoned Chicken Wings of the good old days; right from the frying wok, in the homely kitchen where Mom laboured..

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Joe's blog said...

What a coincidence! I want to go to IKEA now. No joke!