Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1-for-1, BBQ Chicken

I realized that not every restaurant could genuinely offer 1-for-1 meals promotion.

At BBQ Chicken restaurant today, we certainly felt the gimmickry. 1-for-1 meal promotion? Swensen restaurant, the originator still does it best, so far.

We were rudely shocked by the smallness of the serve. Not so much the left hand plate, it's the right hand one..

Mushroom Chicken Steak, choice of 2 sides ($11.90++)

At such promotion, we were not expecting glorious food standards but at least the potion got to feed you.

Ginger Chicken Steak, choice of 2 sides ($11.90++)

This plate could make any boy Scouts cry over its beggarly serving potion..

So don't trust the pictures of full plated food on its promotion banners; plain water not served in this restaurant also.

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