Friday, August 20, 2010

7th Month Prayer - Buffet Catering

I kind of looked forward to the 7th Month Festival each year; not that i participate, i like catching the liveliness of the ceremony and joining in the little communal buffet after.

Buffet Menu (About $10 per pax)

Fried Been Hoon, Fried Rice, Mushroom Broccoli, Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet, Roast Chicken, Fried Chicken Nuggets and Fried Dumplings (my kind colleague took a little of everything for my sampling ;))

Today food was provided by little-known Thomson Catering (Halal). It was quite good really; lowly salted yet maintaining its flavorfulness.

And sturdy Singapore Greenlabel 100% biodegradable wares made from Corn and Yam was adopted by Thomson. What an impassioned environmental effort..!

Yet on a later date, my colleague invited us to a 7th Month Prayer Makan, hosted by Deli Hub Catering (a subsidiary of Neo Garden). They were equally good, if not better! Burp...!

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