Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Botejyu: 2-in-1 lunch Concept

Having tried standard Okonomiyaki, we gave Botejyu's a miss and have a go with their $9.80++ weekday's special lunch set instead. We have a hearty meal.

Soup Udon + Salmon Set ($9.80++)

Take a look at these pictures and you shall easily notice the works of 2 different photographers; those beautifully proportional photos ABOVE were by Ric while the BELOW were mine :( :(

Nice pictures indeed makes the meal stands out..

Mini Pork Yakisoba + Tempura Don + Miso Set ($9.80++)

Making my lunch set looking of miserable quality, but it's definitely not!

The warmly hot-plated Yakisoba of thick handmade noodles were firmly elastic and smooth, having much ingredients of Pork slices that are of bacon character. Miso soup was dense and flavorful while the tempura was freshest. We made a pact to return ;)

A 'good' picture speaks a thousand words; but mine isn't one.

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