Friday, August 27, 2010

Fruits for Flu & Cold ;)

USA Blueberries from Hurst's Berry Farm, 125g ($1.98), Raymond Australia Strawberries, 250g ($2.95)

This my 2nd day of coming down with a mild Flu; adamant to recover over the period of this weekend, i stocked up on fruits to combat the virus. Wilfully believing that lots of fruits, rest and water will revive me soon..

Contrary to my belief that big sized Strawberries guarantees sweetness of the fruits, the ones from Raymond aren't tartly but tasted plain. The Blueberries were fine.

You see the yellowish Cheery Tomato at the rear? They are my new love! Crush one between your gums and it burst within the mouth superbly!

And of the goodness for partaking in fruits and vegetables of a variety of colors? I have now 3 here ;) these are my 'medicine' for the week, together with newly bought Oranges and Apples...

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