Saturday, August 14, 2010

一家潮州, 66 Maxwell!

I'm so excited to post about this Fish Soup stall! And Yes! Maxwell Food Centre doesn't boost of only 1 good Jin Hua fish soup stall, here's another you gonna try!

Fish Slice Bee Hoon ($4)

Having tried their other stall at Tekka Centre, i had confidently placed an order for their mid-sized bowl of $4, for more of the meaty..

Especially delightful was the little plateful of red chilies that comes with a dollop of minced garlic. It tastes wonderful with the fish! And this was what we didn't have at their Tekka's food stall..

This picture had that strangulate effect on me as i hanker after the flavorsome fish soup and ever slipperily crunchy fish meat...!

Soon.. soon.. i'll be back, soon..


Albert said...

Glad you like it. I happened to work around that area and whenever I am down, this fish soup will cheer me up.

ps. The quality of your picture had improved a lot with your new toy, especially the closed up fish soup.


Beary said...

Thank you Albert :)

And i hope you don't feel down often ;) Dessert cheers me.