Sunday, August 1, 2010

欢喜地, Food & Tea Hong Kong

After all our heavy gorging, we badly needed aid in digestion - Caffeine, should do well ;)

With this urgency on our mind, a drink at Food & Tea HK (level 3 of Aeon Tebrau City) was our priority.

Ying Yong in Hong Kong (RM$3.50+)

Alas, we were disappointed. The heavier hint of Coffee in their "Ying Yang" drink dulled the drink; Milk Tea proportion should be higher..

"Ying Yong" Cake (RM$3.20+)

"Ying Yong" cake consisted of 1 petty-sized Yam cake and White Eye Bean Cake (眉豆糕) each, both neatly warmed and were as good as we last remembered.

Pork Chop Burger in "Macau" style, 澳门猪扒包 (RM$5.90+)

Often heard of "Pork Chop Burger" in Hong Kong drama, and i finally got to taste it today.

It was lips smacking good! The combination of the fresh Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Pork Chop and Eggs sandwiched in crisply toasted Buns!

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