Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cafe Mosaic = Cafe Vic

Received a 1-for-1 buffet (Normal priced at $38++ per pax for lunch) voucher from Standard Chartered Credit for Cafe Mosaic at Carlton Hotel, and i make it a point to visit..

Formally named 'Cafe Vic', Cafe Mosaic was newly revamped as Carlton Hotel underwent their recent upgrading renovation works. The implicit and professional service by the waitresses enthuse us of the excellency of food awaiting at the buffet tables..

Not only were the boiled Prawns fresh, they were big sized :) Happy... And don't miss freshly shucked Oysters that were only served from their live Oysters station!

We missed... and am still antagonizing over it :(

Soft shell Crab Maki was good, together with Salmon and Octopus Sashimi.

Ric took a little bit of everything from the Salad counter and we ended up with this assortment plateful of refreshing green vegetables, fruit salads, mushroom potato salad, chilled Japanese Octopus and Jellyfish!

After some robust drink of creme Cauliflower & Carrot, Winter melon & Pork rib soup with the array of Breads and Cheese (Blue cheese included), we couldn't wait to proceed to the Mains ;)

Cream Mussels!!

Tender Beef Goulash!

Crispy roasted Pipa Duck.

Seafood Curry.

What's not in picture? Oyster Omelet and Mee Rebus from the live cooking station, Gong Bao Chicken, John Dory Fish Fillet in Miso and Fried Rice from the buffet dish.

Boncafe Cappuccino and Latte.

We prepared ourselves for their substantial array of desserts with Caffeine. Yeah, we were already bloated by now.

From the whole cake section, i took the Pink Lady, Durian, Chocolate, Cheese cream and Green tea Cake.

Packed with fresh durian pulp and covered with light cream, the Durian cake scores! Pink Lady and Chocolate fared well too.

Bewitching Bread & Butter Pudding and Chocolate Pudding.

After these and countless mini pastries, cakes, tarts and Ice-cream, please partake from the fresh fruit platter for healthy reason ;) especially the honeyed Pineapples. Or from the full sized bananas, pears and apples in fruit baskets!

Cafe Mosaic has one of our better buffet experience in all. Food quality was commendable, great dining ambiance and serving staffs were always on their toes. Am looking forward to another meal here, and the next time i wouldn't miss the Oysters!

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Anonymous said...

avoid their high tea, certainly no durian cake. not worth the money.