Sunday, August 1, 2010


A fun visit to 1 traditional Yong Peng Noodle Factory located just off the main road through Yong Peng.

Noodle Pack (3 for RM$10)

We were met with a table of ready made Hock Chew Noodles and Yee-fu noodles; workers busy cooking the noodles while visitors like us snapped photos away..

The fresh Hock Chew noodles had to be refrigerated and consumed within 3 weeks; the dried Yee-fu noodles within 3 months.

A pretty lady then brought us to the demonstration room to brief us on the traditional way of kneading flour.

It's definitely a laborious task as we watched the worker seated astride a thick wooden pole berthed to the wall, while bouncing on a mound of dough, trying to flatten it evenly.

Haha.. and that prompted us to buy up RM$20 worth of noodles :)

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