Monday, June 1, 2015

Biscuits, Pastries, Tau Sar Piah and Heong Peah!

Sales at Gu Pong Enterprise, in Jonker Walk

"Alright, Mummy. We are buying too much! How are we going to hand carry these across the custom office!? No hands!" I was complaining. But compared to our group, we were considered the modest lot. You know, some families snapped up 20 packs of Heong Peah in a shop!

But mum simply couldn't resist the palm-sized salted Tau Sar Piah (10 pcs for RM$10) at Gu Pong Enterprise when we were at Jonker Walk. We also bought their individually packed, charcoal-grilled Heong Peah (10pcs for RM$13.50) when a fellow traveler highly recommends it - Yes, it's those flaky biscuits with infill of sweet molten maltose!

京园, Jing Yuan Biscuit and Bakery

More at Jing Yuan Biscuit and Bakery where warm baking aroma of their Tau Sar Piah (Salted Beans Biscuits) entices us! It smells wonderful! And as packing size could be variant as per order, we were encouraged to make some small selections for neighbors at home.

Then it was at 新源珍 where our group snapped up their SGT Heong Peah (1 bag for RM$10.50, buying 10 bags get 1 free) in ten and twenty packets! We even have to wait for the new bake as our group has emptied their stocks! Back home, friends and colleagues love the freshness of the pastry, and we just managed to locate their nearest subsidiary, the 明安, Ming An Confectionery in Johor Bahru.

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