Thursday, May 21, 2015

Coffee Grounds for the Garden - Oh, the Flowering!

Duranta erecta or Forget-Me-Not (2015)

Precious from the dump. If nobody ever told you about the wonders of used coffee ground on gardening, start believing now and read benefits of coffee grounds for your garden! By reducing waste, you'll be saving Gaia too.

I'm currently getting a constant supply of coffee grounds from my neighborhood's kopitiam - i provide the reusable container and the boss gladly save them for me instead of discarding. Even Starbucks is happy to share their excess grounds! So, go ask around.

It does wonders for the garden!

My 10 years Duranta erecta which flowered only once in Nov 2012, finally put forth a shower of purple blossoms! My thrice yearly flowering Murraya paniculata is super productive now - flowering comes monthly and the blooms are larger, more lasting and in abundance. Compare the pic below to the one in Sept 2010! Even the new leaves are luxuriously waxy!

Simply mix 1/3 of the coffee grounds with your potting soil, or add them as a topping to your existing plants, it is this simple. Sitting back now, i'm just waiting for more butterflies to come visit.

Murraya Paniculata, or Orange Jasmine (2015)

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