Sunday, May 31, 2015

Jonker Walk Night Market (雞場街文化坊)

Night activity was a leisure stroll along Jonker Walk flea market - a long stretch of narrow road with numerous small shopping lanes cutting across it. Visitors would choose to enter Jonker Street (Jalan Hang Jebat) via its two ends - besides the Hard Rock Cafe, or in our case, from the Tamil Methodist Church.

Performance Stage in Jonker Street - lovely Hokkien Karaoke Singing!

Since introduction of the Jonker Walk night market in year 2000, the street was closed to vehicular traffic on every Fri, Sat and Sun night from 6pm till midnight. It is extremely crowed! And as much as we had wanted to remain casual about our visit, we were sweating and squeezing to move along with the crowd. 

Think of having your dinner here? We were just glad to have eaten before coming; unless you don't mind to eat-standing.

Still, i thought we enjoyed the nostalgic walk immensely. It reminds us of Singapore's very own Chinatown of the 1800s!

Just make sure you grab tightly to your belongings; beware of pick-pocketing, the tour guide warned. And take in the sights, smell and lights of the night! We sure did.

Fried Oyster Omelet, Satay, Fresh Fruits Ice-Blended, Hot-plate Seafood, Fresh Oysters or Grilled!

BBQ Seafood!

Brightly decorated Trishaw for hire. Anyone?

Hard Rock Cafe with the Malacca River Cruise

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