Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bird's Eye View of Malacca Coastal Town

Day in, day out, Jalan Merdeka is a busy road.

At 10pm, the car parks begin clearing, packing the street once more as the shopping malls close their doors; and we had just returned from our Jonker Walking. Missed the shopping hour, yet we were too roused for sleep. Let's just lingered on for a while, to watch the lights... from the hotel floor.




Packed Car Parking at dusk

Alto Sky Lounge - Hatten Hotel

Running of Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz; overlooking Pulau Melaka

Good morning at the hotel's 22th level - the Alto Sky Lounge where their executive breakfast was served. And we caught the view of Melaka’s coastal township from another angle.

After a robust weekend, the town was quiet, and seemed to have slipped into stillness on this weekday morning. We too were making our leave for Singapore, but not before a fattening breakfast.

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