Saturday, May 2, 2015

Laneige, Korea - Washing, Melting, Peeling!

1. Laneige Pore Clear Wash Off Pack, 120ml ($40),  2. Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel, 150ml ($45),
3. Laneige Blackhead Melting Gel, 20ml ($37.95)

Classic Laneige product in old packaging still proves to be fairly effective. You gotten try these 2. Except for the blackhead melting gel (not in pic); at post time, i don't see my blackheads diminishing in anyway...

1. Both Ric and myself love the pore clear wash-off pack. It is foam-less, in white clay state. It doesn't dry your skins after washing off, in fact the skin feels clean, yet tender and slightly moisten. I like this. The product is most effective on Ric's large pores - after just 1 wash, we both noticed his skin brightening up! Because as his pores tighten, we see less of the blackish spots! And he learns to enjoy the obvious smoothness of his skin. Being one who refuses skin product profusely, the guy now advocates this.

2. I have absolutely no dependence on exfoliating gel or sea scrub, believing that particles that got kneaded off was actually from the gel content itself. I trusted only bath gloves and body mitt, faithfully exfoliating myself on a weekly basis. Then came a crisis - wrongfully applied some body lotion for an extended period, and developed patches of coarse skin on my arms! Working on them for 4 months with my weekly scrub couldn't remove them.

That morning when i decided to use the peeling gel on my arms, i was redeemed. No kidding. I was thankfully relieved when the smoothness on my arms was restored! And i felt certain that those rubbery particles produced from scrubbing weren't from the gel, they were really the dead skins removed; because subsequent scrub produces nothing!

Applying the gel on the face, i discovered my nasty areas to be my nose, mouth and chin, the T-zone. The other zones drew blank. The skin feels absolutely silky to touch! Also don't worry; this peeling gel is gentle and calming to the facial skin.

3. The blackhead treatment gel is one product that many are condemning. Contrary to claim, it is ineffective - from several applications. The nose reddens slightly from the abrasion of the silicon brush that dispenses the liquid gel, and a warm sensation follows. That was all about it.

Washing the transparent liquid off, had me staring blank at my blackheads.

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