Sunday, November 11, 2012

Demise of Ah Mah

An unusual phone call from Aunt Wendy left me silenced. Grandma had passed away in the morning - the morning while everything has been as predictable as every work day when i woke and prepared for work.

The days of funeral wake proceeding to the cremation were busy and tiring, especially for those who stayed through the nights and those who woke up early. The bustling activities help kept us from grieving too much.

During these time, we reminisces our time with grandma, her smiles, her frowns. Her doting ways, often kind considerations for others, hospitable gestures and undemanding lifestyle. Her strong personalities that was muted by years of being a stroke patient.

Food she enjoyed. But more importantly, it was our company that she loves whenever we visit.

1. Salty green beans Ang Ku Kueh from the Ang Mo Kio Nonya Kueh at Hougang,
2. Big Chwee Kueh at Pek Kio Food Centre (no longer in operation, lost their contact too),
3. Bamboo Shoots Soon Kueh at Poh Cheu, Bukit Merah,
4. Our shared love for Chives Kueh at Toa Payoh 93 Kueh, Geylang Bahru Hawker Centre,
5. Cheese Cake from Japan Fiesta
6. Cupcakes from Katong Sin Chew. And i believe she would have enjoyed their Kaya Pandan Cake if I had managed to buy them for her.
7. Fried Five Spice items from Lao Zhong Zhong Ngoh Hiang Five Spice and some sweet roast duck from Hong Kong Roast, Bukit Batok.

Grandma is a food gourmet and held some respectable food philosophy; always serving us her best from the kitchen, endeavoring to feed her guests well. She was equally disappointed when her hands grew too weak to handle the spatula in her later years.

The morning (yesterday) before her cremation day, i woke to find my adopted plant flowering. As a mature plant, it had stubbornly refused to for so many years.

Now she had; Forget-Me-Not.

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