Thursday, May 28, 2015

I. Mohamed Ismail - Best Biryani Rice! Sold out before 12pm!

Briyani Fried Chicken ($6)

Right, we are Chinese. But colleagues and i love the dish; having had our fair share from several popular biryani stalls, noting the few remarkable ones sited in the West of Singapore. Currently, I. Mohamed Ismail (Stall 104) in Boon Lay Place Food Village is our favourite! Yes, they are just next to the crowd-pleasing Power Nasi Lemak.

And i say you join the queue by 11am to guarantee a buy. Each time, the office made a takeaway of 10 packs. And we note that the hawker cooked just that few pots of biryani per day, that's all! By 12pm, the queue is gone, so is all the biryani.

Their savory fried chicken was served separately while the mutton was decoct in the biryani rice - the red meat was a tad dry and tough though. Many spices go into the light biryani, including some plum raisins! Everyone agrees that this is the best biryani so far! The aftertaste is exemplary - no MSG, no thirst, no 'jalat' feel although we were obviously bloated from the heavy meal of wet curry. We are just waiting for our next available tapow (take away) slot. Note that the stall closes on Friday, and during the Ramadan.

Briyani Mutton ($6)

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