Sunday, May 10, 2015

Long House Boneless Braised Duck, 顺记

Whole Teochew Braised Duck ($40), 4x Braised Duck Gizzards, 鸭胗 ($4), 4x Braised Eggs ($2.50)

This remains the island's best Teochew braised duck since 20 years ago, here, near the Jalan Besar Stadium. And that was during our early paktor-ing days. I had placed its name 'Soon Kee' after "Long House" because that's where the stall relocated later and reaches its height of the trade.

From the Long House Food Centre at Upper Thomson, they had now shifted back to the Jalan Besar Stadium, 100 Tyrwhitt Road.

Over the years, we savored few excellent braised duck stall but the taste and memories of 'Long House Braised Duck' lingers. It is unwavering - the neatly de-boned poultry, absolutely succulent and sweet on its own. The thick luscious gravy that famously doused over the entire plate made it even more enticing! Today, we relished on what we missed for a long time; the palates awaken by its most familiar and endearing friend.


Beary said...

This stall has closed, and moved to the Balestier Road Market. Same as Ah Hui prawn noodle, also from the Longhouse.

Beary said...

Another branch at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Blk 531. Closed on alternate Wed.