Thursday, May 14, 2015

1 Market by Chef Wan - A return after 2 years.

My first and last visit here was 2 years ago. Today, we were riding on Groupon promotion at $37.50 for 2 pax lunch buffet, and were glad things remain fantastically so. The restaurant is fully booked.

Stayed faithful to sweet tasting seafood of fresh 'Gong Gong', prawns and crabs, and have my seconds; similarly for the Sashimi. Followed by some flavorsome roasted beef and chicken satay before proceeding to the long cooked food table! By now, queue had formed for the popular black pepper seafood platter - it had to be rationed and served by the chef :)

Before i rolled over with a bloated tummy, we stuffed up with eclairs, puffs, cakes and ice-cream on warm waffles! This is my lunch and dinner, altogether.  

Seafood on ice

Sashimi on iced bamboo mats 

Roasted Beef and Chicken

BBQ Beef and Chicken Satay

Black Pepper Seafood Platter 

Chocolate eclairs, Tarts, Cheese Cakes, Shot Glass Desserts, Cream Puffs and Carrot Cake!

Rainbow Cake! & Pudding

Nonya kuehs, Cream Puffs, Red Velvet Cake and Strawberry Cake

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