Saturday, December 16, 2017

釗记, Zhao Ji Clay Pot Rice

Claypot Rice ($12 for 2 pax, added $3 for extra ingredients)

While in search for the famous Lian He Ben Ji at the Chinatown Market and Food Centre, we chanced upon this claypot rice stall. Their nice charcoal burning aroma was coming on so strongly, we made a mental note to return.

It was certainly a good alternative if you do not like to wait for your dinner at Lian He Ben Ji. The chicken at Zhao Ji was all tender, waxed pork belly, salted fish and all the essentials. It was just a niche short of the Lian He Ben Ji's experience.

With their old and cracked claypots, we imagine we were dining into the 70s. Nice.

Stall #02-053

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