Saturday, June 17, 2017

Handmade Teochew Kuey, 手工潮州粿

The stall reminds you fondly of your grandmother, because the elderly hawker cooks slow and steadily by herself, attending to customers warmly. Just like how grandma likes to dominate the kitchen, pampering us with food. Chat with her, and you find her speaking a few dialects, including Mandarin!

It was a quiet stall (#01-130) by one end of the Telok Blangah Crescent Market and Food Centre. But her stream of customers is constant, buying out every tray of freshly steamed handmade kueh. If you need more to pack away (which we did), you need to wait about 20 mins for the next tray.

What's special about the Soon Kueh here is its simple homely taste - very old school, large size and rich filling. I think we tasted dried sole fish (扁鱼干) too! I have yet tasted anything close to hers.

Steamed Soon Kueh ($1.20 a piece)

The grandmother could not promise us her operating hours, as she might be too tired to cook on some days. And most time, like our 2 evenings here, only her Soon Kueh (Turnip dumpling) is still available. The rest just got sold out.

Come earlier if you could, and you would probably have the chance to get her Chive dumplings, glutinous rice dumpling or the Yam cake. We would certainly try to do that. We did.

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