Saturday, November 11, 2017

发笋粿, Fatt Soon Kueh

Chinese Dumpling, Soon Kueh ($1 each)

"This is my favourite soon kueh, you know?" touted the young man, younger than myself - my brother. He had often drove his way to the branch at New Upper Changi Rd for his craving.

Surely, the family was impressed by the crystalline pastry which looked absolutely mouthwatering. But the stronger flavor of the vegetable filling left us in disillusion. The dumpling though, boasts some of the plumpest dried shrimps we have ever seen in a soon kueh; and the sheer number of them in each dumpling, suffice to freak out any vegetarian.

You will enjoy this if you have a heavier taste buds. For us, we are sticking to the less commercialize ones.

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