Thursday, December 7, 2017

Curry Fish Head @ Sri Veera's

Curry Fish Head

Couldn't resist a 5 course curry fish head set for 2 pax, at $15 only. Badly wanted to see the genuineness of the offer, because they say - good things don't come cheap.

Most importantly, the fish head is fresh and meaty! We were served a full Grouper fish head, in piping hot Indian curry. Side vegetables of the day, with our choice of Masala chicken and sweet fried fishes (we didn't choose the mutton) on banana leaves. What's not mentioned on the deal was their offering of fresh, crisp papadum crackers for us too! It was enjoyable.

You might be pleased, that the little eatery is pleasantly air-conditioned.

Cucumber in Yoghurt, Brinjal, Gourd (Day Vegetables),
Masala Chicken and Fried Fishes.

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