Thursday, November 16, 2017

福粿园, Kueh Garden

Soon Kueh ($1 each)

Congratulations to Kueh Garden! Who actually manages to pull off their first year at the quiet Jurong East shop house. When we arrived, there was a 15 mins wait for a new batch of steaming to fulfill our order of 16 pastries.

The taste was how we like it - light, down-to-earth, home-cook. Make no mistake with a small bite, which might just register the taste as bland. Take a big mouthful into the plump kueh, and you'll satisfy your taste buds with a good aroma of fried shallots, crunch of the black fungus and pure sweetness of turnips and carrots. My folks love this.

We usually don't have the dark soy sauce, preferring to savor the original taste of food. But dip in a little into their non-sweet, natural-tasting chili sauce. It is good.

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