Friday, November 3, 2017

Lunch at Salute Coffeeshop

Stew Kuche - Signature pork knuckle (Served with rice)

Salute Kopitiam opened with a bang in 2014, splashing stories across blogs and Instagram. We weren't moved, because it meant loud crowd. And prices weren't exactly attractive for unproven food. It was Fave 1-for-1 set-lunch promotion that got us here today - $9.90 set lunch for 2, includes a good creamy mushroom soup.

The famous German pork knuckle from Stew Kuche gave us a hard time with its thick, tough skin. But beneath that hard baked cover, you'll harvest some flavorsome meat with lean melting fat. Nice. The acidic red wine dip is genius for helping to digest the heavy meal.

Jack the Ripper - Ripper’s Original Burger

Originally served with fries, the burger stall had ran out of it - we were offered corn chips, which was tasty enough to keep us satisfied. Then we were asked that the pork patty which was also not available, be replaced with chicken patty for the burger.

The chicken patty was heavily seasoned and moist. While we would have preferred natural meaty, grilled flavor. A burger with just lettuces and melted cheese is also quite plain. A definite no, if we are paying full priced meal.

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