Friday, April 22, 2016

炎记威威食品, Yan Ji Wei Wei Seafood Soup

Crayfish Seafood Soup ($10), added Fish Maw for $2

This is my second visit to Yan Ji Seafood within a week. I was totally wowed during my first trip, but got weary after the more than salted soup this afternoon. Its signboard read that sun-dried Hokkaido scallops are used in concocting its seafood broth, but on both occasions we tasted mainly of dried sole fillet (flat dried fish, 扁鱼干)? So while many complained about the half filled bowl of soup serving, we don't.

What's gratifying is perhaps the freshness of their shellfish. No doubt about it. The crayfish, prawns and fish maw are the must order. It's a great pity that Dory fish fillet is used in their fish soup, unless you specified for the more expensive Pomfret ($10) or Red grouper ($10). The freshness of their Dory doesn't rid it of the mud tang.

Minced meat balls were also the standard fare. It was special because dried sole fillet was hammered to bits and added into it. But i asked for mine to be excluded this time as it is too filling and forgettable. I had preferred to leave more appetite for their flavorsome braised trotters. Alas, more Dory fillets were substituted in the absence of meat balls...

Long distance to the Woodlands Food Centre and the fact that the stall closes for dinner are good excuses for me to avoid a hurried return.

Braised Pig Trotters ($7)

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Beary said...

3rd visit today. I was the reluctant party. It was late lunch after 1230pm, and the soup was much watered down. To support the lunch crowd, perhaps? Just got to make sure this is my last visit here.