Friday, April 8, 2016

Malay Nasi Padang - for Fish and Rendang

Assam Fish, Bitter Gourd and Rice ($3.90)

I come here often, for my fish craving.

Unlike most Nasi Padang stalls which charges you easily $3 for a piece of fish or the beef rendang, the ones here in the air-conditioned NTU North Spine Food Court are usually $2.50. These are often not deep fried but broiled. I appreciate tasting its fresh tenderness and gooey collagen.

Vegetable dishes are at 60 cents and 80 cents, depending on its complexity. Prices aside, we were never disappointed with their authentic Malay cooking.

Chili Kang Gong, Sambal Goreng, Fried Beancurd and Rice ($2.70)

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