Thursday, April 21, 2016

J&C Bakery - Maker and Wholesaler

Assorted Cakes, 10 Pieces (Mix & Match, $5)

My first encounter with J&C Bakery was at their outlet in Upper Changi Road, East Village. The little stall drew me with the lovely smell of bakes, and its pretty array of cakes, tarts, puffs and kuehs. Little did i realize they own a kitchen in the Woodlands Loop factory!

Walk-in customers are aplenty here; and we got to choose from the many shelves of neat pastries! We packed away 50 pieces of the assorted cakes and some egg tarts (6 for $4.80), mini chocolate eclairs (10 for $4.80) for the office party.

For my home, it was the fine sponge cakes of banana, durian, double chocolate and banana walnut. The family favorite, however, turned out to be the traditional baked tapioca kueh! Mark my words.

Baked Tapioca Kueh, 6 Pieces ($3)

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