Friday, April 29, 2016

Sheng Da BBQ Seafood (Stall No.2)

Oyster Egg ($6), Tiger Beer, 633ml ($7)

This was Friday dinner at the newly revamped Newton Circus Food Centre. The place was clean and airy, installed with many more tables in its inner courtyard. It was full and very much alive! Some hawker tried to stand near empty tables in a bid to 'reserve' them for their potential clients; but you can just ignore them - they don't dare try too hard.

As we were tired and hungry, we just ordered from the BBQ seafood stall nearest to our table. The food wasn't fantastic, but it's the conversation we shared that matters. We have still the weekend to count on.

Next time, we will try on the better stalls here.

Sambal Squid ($12)

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