Saturday, April 2, 2016

家味, Jia Wei Vegetable Rice

Egg Omelet, Minced Pork Balls, Bitter gourd, Steamed Fish and 3 Porridges ($9.50)

At 2 recent gatherings, we had separately 2 gangs of elderly colleagues recommending fiercely the steamed fish at this 'vegetable rice' stall in 133, Ang Mo Kio Ave 3. Cheap and good, they said. We thus made an effort to be here on a Saturday afternoon. Noting they are close for dinner.

Maybe the Teochew styled steamed fish is indeed commendable; serves with full works of preserved plums, Chinese fermented beans, ginger and chili. But price isn't exactly cheap. And their other cooking is mediocre.

This returns us to Ann Hoo Vegetable Rice who is just next door. Next street actually. 

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