Saturday, April 30, 2016

食福肉粥, Shi Fu A1 Rou Zhou - Charcoal Broiled

Century Egg Porridge ($3), added Mince Meat ($0.50)

It is difficult to locate porridge stalls when you need them. So please note down this stall in Bukit Merah View Food Centre that offers traditional charcoal-broiled porridge. We see their charcoal stove cooking.

The porridge is smooth and light tasting; the meat tender. Nothing sensational. But are every bit of a good plain porridge that comforts and quench the body.


H.Y.Wang said...

What is the stall operating hrs? Look like at night?

H.Y.Wang said...

Can you share the stall operating hrs? Is it only only at night? Thanks

Beary said...

I've been there for lunch and dinner. Think it's open most time. Will ask the hawker when i visit again. :)