Saturday, April 16, 2016

新鸿运, New Lucky Claypot Rice

New Lucky Claypot is easily one of the oldest claypot rice hawker in Singapore. They have shifted from Bukit Merah -> Clementi -> Holland Drive Food Centre now. Hope they'll stay long in this almost deserted building, with most stalls closed for dinner, and New Lucky is having the whole of the large airy premise to itself!

Our claypot for two persons is pretty substantial. It consists of chicken, pork and liver sausages (lap cheong), Szechuan preserved vegetables and salted fish. The rice grains were cooked just right, neither too hard nor soggy. The chicken pieces were tender and juicy; you would love it.

After the satisfying dinner, the smoky aroma that stayed on my fingers (even though i had only briefly tried steadying the claypot, while scraping off some burned rice) reminded me of the real charcoal works behind this simple meal.

Claypot Rice for 2 ($10)

Pork Ribs Lotus Roots Soup ($4)

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