Saturday, April 30, 2016

7 Letters @ Heritage Fest 2016

This was a night spent under the colorfully lighted up skies of the Singapore National MuseumHeritage Festival 2016 was underway where street food stalls ply the compound, and patrons ate away on wooden tables and chairs. It was lovely. If you need more glittering photos of the night, see here.

We were here for the public screening of 7 Letters -  A local film made up of "seven short stories that tell of our heartland and its people through tales of lost love, identity, inter-generational familial bonds and tensions, unlikely neighbours, and even references to traditional folklore." The project was timely; celebrating Singapore’s 50th year of Independence. Being conscious of our difficult independence, and how the country had evolved over the last 50 years; the film serves as a good reflection. Surely, it meant different things to each one of us. It felt sentimental, right from the first story. And it continues to tug at the heart-strings till tears flow free. 

Fully supported by the Singapore Film Commission (SFC), the film was never ticketed. So catch it when you can.

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