Thursday, May 5, 2016

Muslim Food Stall

Mutton Rendang, Curry Fish Cutlet, Raw Sprout Salad, Fried Chicken Wings. ($11)

Marsiling Lane Market & Cooked Food Centre is one that closes after lunch hour; but the place is bustling with working man and woman during the 12-1pm slot. Food offers at the many stalls are simple; and you could get a generous plate of chicken rice for $2.

What drew us to this hidden Malay food stall at #01-114 (Yah, the food centre has over 100 stalls across 2 blocks, 20 & 21) are their sambal cockles and crunchy raw bean sprout salad - tossed with julienned carrots, lettuces and toasted coconut shreds! The sambal cockles was not on the menu today, instead they were having sambal mussels.

Pity, the mutton rendang is one of more bite; and the chicken wings seem to be double-fried. One patron helpfully pointed us to the neighboring stall - Cahaya Nasi Padang (#01-08), for soft melting rendang mutton.

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