Friday, August 29, 2014

Singapore Philatelic Museum

Have always wanted to visit the Singapore Philatelic Museum, always. For i wanted to see what i've missed out in my collection, and also to enrich my history of Singapore philatelic.

Since we already have quite a collection of some of Singapore's oldest stamps, it doesn't awe us when we saw the displayed. But the old posting boxes are fascinating!

And it is especially nostalgia to see these stamp packs for sales - we used to save up pocket money to buy them! Now, you don't see them that commonly anymore.

Metal Portable Posting Box (Yellow, small), circa 1970
This posting box was only used in post offices during festive seasons for local greeting cards 
when mail volume was high. Mail was collected from these boxes throughout the day. Unbelievable!

Orange Post Box
This is repainting of the Yellow Post Box to reflect the merger of the 
Postal Services Department and Telecommunication Authority of Singapore on 1 Oct 1982.

 Yellow Post Box
In 1971, the Postal Services Department designed and locally manufactured new posting boxes 
for the first time. It featured double posting apertures for separating mails meant 
for "Singapore"and "Other Countries".
Don't we always wonder how's the inside of these metal boxes!

Lamp Posting Box, circa 1949
Lamp posting boxes were first used in 1896. Meant for areas where mail volume was low, 
these boxes were cheaper to install than the big, round pillar boxes. The display was used during 
the reign of King George VI (reigned 1936 - 1952). However, the king's cipher was removed 
(filed off) after Singapore became a Republic.

Red Pillar Box, circa 1952
This pillar box was donated by Hong Kong Post after the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997. The royal cipher of the QENR (Queen Elizabeth II) on all Singapore's posting boxes were 
removed by the postal department when Singapore gained independence in 1965. 
Each pillar box is made of 400 kgs cast iron.

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